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Find & Hire Your Remote Team

Finding the best reps you can trust is half the battle. Our marketplace is filled with pre-vetted, skilled individuals, and we make it easy for you to find reps that fit your needs.

Frequently asked questions
What type of work can a rep do?

Our marketplace is filled with representatives who can handle any of your outreach, engagement and sales needs. A few of the categories include: sales, cold calling, lead generation, telemarketing, appointment setting, product research, collections, fundraising, surveys, not-for-profit development, political polling and much more!

Do these reps work for me directly?

Yes, all reps in the Overpass Marketplace work directly for you. They generally work from home and are contracted by you through our platform.

What is the cost of reps on the Overpass Marketplace?

Rates vary from person to person. There are many factors that determine the rate a rep will put on their profile, such as skills, experience, region, etc. Rates generally range from $7 - $18+ per hour.

Set Up Your Campaign

Our Customer Engagement System is the core solution you and your reps will be working with. It takes just minutes to set up and get your first campaign started.

Cost for Phone Numbers
Use your existing phone number as your Caller ID:
Purchase a new standard number (or to transfer your own standard number) to receive calls:
Purchase a new toll-free number (or transfer your own toll-free number) to receive calls:
Cost for Making/Receiving Calls
To make standard calls:
2.9 cents per minute
To receive toll-free calls:
3.8 cents per minute
To receive standard calls:
1.9 cents per minute
Frequently asked questions
What is the Overpass Customer Engagement System?

The Customer Engagement System enables organizations to connect with customers using web-based tools. Setting up a campaign and managing customer relationships has never been this easy! Organizations can now have a 360° view of each interaction between reps and customers at a fraction of the cost.

I already have reps. Can I invite my own team to the platform?

Yes, if you add your team to the system there is a per-seat fee of $24/month.

How does pricing for the Overpass Customer Engagement System work?

There are no monthly user fees for the following users:
  • The account owner- that's you
  • Reps hired through the Overpass Marketplace (administrators, supervisors or agents)

For anyone not hired through the Overpass Marketplace there is a $24/month seat fee.

Do I need to buy phones?

Nope! Our Customer Engagement System allows your reps to make calls directly through their internet browser. Part of our vetting process for reps on the Overpass Marketplace includes ensuring that they have a computer, a headset and a good internet connection.

We Pay Reps on Your Behalf

We’ll do the work, from creating reports to handling payments. We provide you with detailed insights into rep activity so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Frequently asked questions
How do I pay reps hired through the Overpass Marketplace?

We do the leg work for you. We calculate your reps’ time for the week, provide you with an invoice, and send payment to the rep on your behalf. We will help you set up billing via credit card or Paypal.

Do you pay my own invited team?

No, anyone that you invite to the system not from the Overpass Marketplace does not go through our billing process.

What if I want to pay my reps commission?

We offer the ability to pay reps hourly or hourly plus commission. You outline your commission structure to us, and we send payments to the reps. For more information, please contact us at info@overpass.com.

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