Yes, one year. While you are always welcome to end individual agent contracts, purchasing an Overpass seat is a 12-month commitment to the platform. (For more information on seats, jump ahead to the Pricing & Billing section of the Help Center.)

It’s free to create an account, browse our marketplace, and interview potential contractors. You won’t be charged until one of our contractors has officially been hired by your company.

There are two costs to Overpass: a seat fee, billed either monthly for 12 months or upfront for 12 months, plus your contractor compensation, billed weekly.
Seat Fees - $240/seat /month (if you pay monthly), or $180/seat /month (if you pay upfront).

When you hire your first contractor, or when you expand your team, you must purchase a seat, which represents access to your Overpass site. Each seat costs $240/month if paid monthly (total of $2,880 for 12 months), or $2,160/year if paid upfront. (Clients who pay in advance save 25%, or $720, yearly.)

If you decide to replace one contractor with another, no new seat is required. Should you choose to expand your team, you will need to purchase additional seats.

Contractor Compensation - [agent rate] x [hours worked]
In addition to the seat fee, you are responsible for your contractors’ weekly compensation, which is entirely dependent on their schedule and contracted hourly rate. 100% of this payment goes directly to the agent, we do not take a cut.

For a more extensive explanation of our pricing & options, please consult our Overpass Billing Explainer article.

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