Frequently Asked Questions

Once you create a job post, Overpass contractors are presented to you in three categories: Best Matches, Handpicked, and Applicants.

Best Matches contractors are a pool of candidates that our algorithm identifies as potential matches, taking into account your budget, desired background, and language fluency.

Handpicked contractors are manually chosen for you by our Growth Consultants, following a discussion of your goals and preferences. If your "Best Matches" list doesn't seem quite right, this is where we can suggest alternate options.

Applicants are the contractors who have applied directly to your job post through the platform. Their background may not be exactly what you envisioned, but they are eager for a chance to prove themselves!

When you find a contractor you’d like to interview, click the Interview button on their profile.

The first time you click Interview on a contractor's profile, you'll be asked to propose dates and times when you'll be available to speak with them. You'll also choose whether to conduct the interview via phone call or video chat. We'll provide you with all the additional information you need.

Following the interview, navigate to the contractor’s profile and look for the Send Offer button. You’ll be asked to provide specific details about this role, including the pay rate you’re offering and the weekly schedule. Those details form the structure of the contract offer, which the contractor can then accept or decline.

Once a contract offer has been accepted, you will be charged your initial seat fee, which is prorated based on the time remaining in the month.

Of course! You’re welcome to interview as many potential employees as you like at no cost. We want you to be completely comfortable before you decide to hire anyone.

For best results, contracts should be for at least 15 hours per week. Fewer hours makes it difficult for the contractors to get comfortable with the script and role.

Yes, although bear in mind that changes may affect your contractor’s ability (or willingness) to continue with the contract.

Contractors are eager to start working, so it typically only takes a few days to get up to speed. While these contractors have experience in general sales, you will need to provide initial training regarding your business and your expectations for their role.

Yes. Contractors have experience with phone sales or customer support, and with using Overpass, but not with the particulars of your business. You should schedule at least one training session with them prior to the campaign beginning, during which time you can educate them about your sales goals, your product, and also discuss any potential objections they may encounter. We provide a Training section within your workspace, where you can provide supplementary instructions or information.

Additionally, we offer expert-led, sales training courses through the Overpass Sales Academy which are available to all approved sales & support reps on the marketplace. Though these courses are not meant to replace internal training, they're additional resources to help your rep become as successful as possible in their role within your company.

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