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Sales campaigns are strategies that turn leads into paying clients or customers. Perhaps you have a product launch or special promotion and need customer support reps available to handle the increased call volume. This is an example of a campaign. You can use Overpass to launch a new sales campaign in a variety of industries. Overpass also allows you to create a training program for new sales reps and offer call scripts suitable for your new campaign.

On Overpass, you may also implement a new sales strategy that requires tracking how marketing materials are working to bring in leads. The Overpass dashboard supplies campaign logs that you can use to review your campaign at every step. This will enable you to evaluate how effective each marketing campaign was for different clients and prospects.

Overpass is an exceptional resource for hiring campaigns. Perhaps your business is growing or it's your busiest season and you need extra help. When you need more reps to handle incoming or outgoing calls, Overpass’ talent marketplace allows you to hire experienced salespeople in a variety of industries.

Simply enter your email and create an account to start a hiring campaign. Your account gives you access to the listings in our contractor marketplace. With an account in place, you can head straight to the marketplace to find qualified, vetted reps whenever you need to hire.

Overpass’ custom contractor dashboard allows you to make both outbound and take inbound calls. Cold callers can use our system to promote products to potential clients. As well, customer service reps can use the system to place follow-up calls to existing customers to determine if they need new products or if their existing products need servicing.

The Overpass dashboard supplies agents with access to each existing client's account history, ensuring they're familiar with the client's unique needs or concerns. Reps can review prior call records to improve efficiency and personalize their approach. Your reps can also add notes after each call, ensuring every contractor has up-to-date, pertinent information about each client.

Companies can also use our system for inbound calls. Perhaps you're bringing on customer support specialists to answer customer questions, process or cancel orders, or provide technical assistance. You can set up the system with scripted information, enabling new reps to offer valuable assistance from day one.

Call scripts provide a variety of benefits to agents and clients alike. First, call scripts ensure that your reps have access to crucial information regarding a specific sales campaign. This ensures continuity between remote sales reps. When a call script is in place, sales leaders can ensure that everyone working on a specific campaign has access to the same messaging guidelines. Some companies value an informal, friendly tone, while others prioritize formal communications. Maintaining consistent messaging reinforces your company's values and customer service and sales approach.

Another benefit of a call script is increased confidence among freelance agents. Sales reps new to a campaign will remain confident knowing that they are supplying correct information regarding the client’s product. Working off of a call script will also save new sales reps time as they will not have to develop their own sales pitches or provide unique query responses.

Contractors must have reliable internet access and a computer. Every contractor also needs a headset with a microphone and a PayPal account to receive payments from their employer. Ideally, each agent will also have a home office or suitable workplace without distractions.

Employers pay contractors a flat hourly rate for time worked. Contractors set their hourly rate to include compensation for their expenses. Contractors fall under different tax brackets and can claim relevant expenses such as the cost of headsets, computers, internet service, and office space on their tax returns. The businesses they serve do not have to reimburse them for any of those costs.

As a client, you are not required to provide agents with any training. However, implementing a training program is always a good idea. Remote reps should be trained just like your in-house sales team. Onboarding training will allow you to familiarize new contractors with your call scripts, campaigns, overall brand, and procedures.

Training also ensures that your new sales reps are confident in their roles before placing or answering calls. Although call scripts supply all agents with crucial information and ways to handle interactions with prospects and clients, agents should also understand when and how to transfer calls to a manager or specialist.

It’s also a good idea to offer period training to all members of your sales team. Contractors may start in a limited role, expanding their duties and the types of campaigns they work on after they complete a probationary period. Period training will also help cover new laws or regulations that affect your business or operating procedures. Investing time to provide training is an excellent way to make contractors feel like valued members of your team.

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