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Unlike generic talent sites, Overpass focuses 100% on remote sales reps with experience in 100+ industries.
The result is faster recruitment time, a shorter learning curve, greater rep longevity, and a healthier bottom line.
Jonathan M.

Jonathan M.

united-states Eastern (GMT -4)
Consulting (4 years)
Interested in roles like
Business Development Rep, Sales Development Rep, Sales Rep - Account Executive
Jose Luis  R.

Jose Luis R.

mexico Central (GMT -5)
Real Estate (<1 year)
Interested in roles like
Appointment Setter, Sales Rep - Account Executive, Other
Adele T.

Adele T.

united-kingdom GMT +1
Marketing & Advertising (2 years)
Interested in roles like
Telemarketing Rep, Appointment Setter, Outreach Rep
Jonathan  P.

Jonathan P.

mexico Central (GMT -5)
Computer Hardware (2 years)
Interested in roles like
Sales Development Rep, Sales Rep - Account Executive, Telemarketing Rep
Jamie H.

Jamie H.

united-states Central (GMT -5)
Insurance (2 years)
Interested in roles like
Customer Support Rep, Sales Development Rep, Other

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Why Overpass

Call and Email
From One Tool

In one web-based application, your remote reps access leads, view scripts, make calls, send emails, and report outcomes. No spending big bucks on calling infrastructure. You improve accountability while raising profits.

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Monitor Reps
in Real-Time

From your web browser, perform live call monitoring and provide feedback during or after calls, for ongoing training and constant growth. Regardless of where your remote reps are located, you’re always in control.

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Make Payday

Automatically track activity and pay directly on the platform. You’ll only be charged for the time your team spends actively working on your account.

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"I love that Overpass lets us manage everything in one place. It's super helpful to be able to listen to voice samples, upload our own lists, and find quality salespeople that can grow with our team."

Michael Mahanay, VP and CMO at CTL

"Overpass really simplified our sales process. It's so easy for us to find talent, track our reps' time and progress, and pay them all from one platform."

Vitali, Principal of East Coast Medical Supplies

"I see Overpass being a long-term part of my business structure. Not just for this business, but also our future endeavors. The affordability, the flexibility, and ease of use can't be beat."

Nick Craig, CEO of Advisor Fuel

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