Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing remote work positions with agents requires a shift in thinking. Companies have relied on on-site employees for decades and are accustomed to monitoring workers in person. Some may be concerned about remote work because they're worried about worker productivity and supervision.

Utilizing a custom platform like Overpass enables employers to track contractor productivity. Companies can have total confidence in their sales team's performance with custom software allowing them to monitor each contractor's work in real-time.

Many apps have limited features, requiring companies to invest in multiple apps to handle different processes. Some companies have separate apps for their HR department, managers, and finance department. Using multiple apps slows the onboarding process. Once HR decides to contract an agent, the agent's supervisor would need to add the contractor to their app to provide access to the sales platform.

Supervisors aren't the only ones who need to take extra time adding contractors to their system. The company's finance department must also add the new contractor to their apps and set up their financial information to ensure accurate payments. The IT department may also have to give the contractor access to specific documents or systems, ensuring they're authorized to access the resources they need to do their jobs.

Overpass brings HR, supervisors, and finance departments together. Instead of transferring data to multiple apps, the Overpass platform provides all departments access to the contractor information they need. Since Overpass handles the contractor's account setup and verification, companies can move swiftly to add a new agent to their sales team when they find an ideal candidate.

Our platform provides all the tools your sales force needs to complete tasks. With on-site workers, supervisors may need to locate a worker and monitor their performance in person, interview witnesses, review video footage, and collect data to verify details about the worker's performance.

Supervisors using Overpass can monitor multiple contractors simultaneously, receive reports about hours worked, and whether workers placed calls on time. Supervisors can also monitor calls to evaluate worker performance.

The creative team behind Overpass spent years researching the industry. They used practical knowledge to develop a concept that simplifies the process of hiring, training, monitoring, and paying remote contractors.

Although Overpass uses algorithms to enhance our services, we prioritize personal service. That's why the Overpass platform is customizable, enabling each company to adjust the features to suit their needs. The company's team has varying access levels, depending on their roles. Agents are contractors and have limited access. The system allows agents to place outgoing calls, add notes, and access training materials. Some agents may be able to send and receive emails, while others may be authorized to update customer contact information.

Supervisors can add agents to campaigns, listen to agent calls in real-time, and listen to recorded calls. Administrators have complete site access. Administrators are authorized to use the Marketplace, schedule interviews, initiate and terminate agent contracts, and upload materials such as training documents and company logos. Administrators can also change payment information and delete or alter contact data. Our customizable platform ensures you can authorize appropriate access for your entire team without compromising company security.

Our platform monitors each contractor's performance. It tracks their duties and the amount of time spent on each task. The platform generates automated invoices for your company based on each contractor's completed duties. It breaks down billing based on the contractor's activities, enabling companies to see how much money they spend on contractor training versus time spent on calls.

There are some customizable features clients can use. Allowing companies to adjust invoices based on the terms of their contract ensures the payroll system meets your needs. Using one platform also enables you to standardize invoices. When paying contractors, you can be confident you'll have all the data you need right at your fingertips

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