Mobilize your Army of Volunteers with Pop-up Calling Campaigns!

Get your calling campaign set up quickly and efficiently without any equipment!

Simple Solutions for Short-Term Needs

Create an instant calling campaign without the need for computers, phones or even desks! Reach by Overpass provides a flexible mobile solution and uses the power of our Customer Engagement System to streamline the management of your volunteers and their calling efforts.

Painless Setup

Get set up in minutes. Simply have your volunteers download the app and start calling!

Effective Campaigns

Volunteers can make more calls and create a bigger impact from their efforts with our automated call queues.

Better Insights

See how your volunteers are performing in real time. Review call logs and campaign performance all in one place.

Low Overhead

Set up your calling campaign at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone-banking system.

How It Works

For Administrators
  • Create a campaign

    Upload contact lists, create a script and
    specify desired call outcomes for your campaign.

  • Invite your volunteers

    Send invitations directly to volunteers'
    smartphones so they can download the app.

  • Monitor in real time

    Gain insights into campaign performance
    and get total visibility into every interaction.

For Volunteers
  • Download Reach by Overpass

    Reach works on both Android and iPhone.
    Use the invite code to download the app and sign in.

  • Start making calls

    View the call script and use the Preview dialer to make
    meaningful calls against your organization’s contact list.

  • Work anywhere

    Make calls wherever you have a stable Internet connection and quiet background noise.

Pop-Up Calling Campaign Features

Create an instant calling campaign & ramp up your team in no time at all!

  • Preview Dialer

    Prepare for calls by reviewing contact information,
    history and the campaign script, all in one place.

  • Call Queues

    Eliminate duplicate calls and coordination
    inefficiencies with automatically assigned calls.

  • Schedule Calls

    Call your contacts back at any time with scheduled
    call backs, follow up calls, and more.

  • Call Outcomes

    Summarize the topic or outcome of calls and
    monitor success of campaigns.

  • Contact Lists

    Easily manage your contacts with import list, custom lists,
    and more. You can even assign contacts to volunteers.

  • Call Logs

    At-a-glance reports on which contacts have been
    called in each campaign.

  • Custom Scripts

    Ensure consistency and professionalism by specifying
    exactly what volunteers should say on the phone.

  • Call Notes

    Never miss a detail by taking notes while on a call.
    Notes save automatically.

  • Interaction History

    Every call, edit and note is automatically saved to
    your contacts, providing complete transparency.

  • Custom Fields

    Keep track of the information that’s important to you
    with easy-to-update custom contact fields.

  • Custom Outbound Caller ID

    Customize the number that shows up for your
    contacts for each campaign.

Does Reach Fit Into My Budget?

Unlike traditional phone-banking setups, your volunteers can use their own smartphone— eliminating set up costs! There's just a small monthly fee for each volunteer and a low per-minute cost.

Invite Your Own Volunteers

$24/ month per person

Make Standard Calls

2.9¢/ per minute

Don't Have Volunteers?

Build you team with Overpass

We can help you find great people to make calls on your behalf!

Frequently Asked Questions

What smartphones does the Reach by Overpass app work on?

Reach by Overpass is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It supports Android 4.4.1 and up, and iOS 9 and up.

Do I need any other equipment?

As an administrator, you’ll need to access the main Overpass web service on a computer in order to set up your campaigns and invite your volunteers. The only equipment volunteers need is a smartphone that can run the Reach by Overpass app. Most volunteers will find it easier to make calls with a quality headset and microphone.

Can my volunteers use a desktop or laptop instead?

Yes, volunteers can login to their Overpass account on their smartphone, laptop or desktop.

How can I prevent volunteers from calling the same people?

You don’t need to do anything- our software takes care of that for you! Overpass uses smart routing and call assignment to ensure that there are no duplicate calls.

Can I revoke a volunteer’s access?

Yes, you can revoke a volunteer’s access at any point. Their “seat” will be available until the end of the month. You can add another volunteer to that “seat” for the remainder of the month for no charge.

How am I billed?

When you invite your volunteers to join Overpass, you will be charged $24 for each volunteer for that month. After that, you will receive a recurring monthly bill for all active volunteers on the system. You can remove a volunteer at any point.