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Get your contractors ready for success with on-platform training features and access to an account manager.

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"We found and hired two great contractors on Overpass that have completed our team and helped us take our sales efforts to the next level. Jennifer is our top salesperson!"

Dawn SessionCall Center Manager at Nano Hearing Aids

"Overpass really simplified our sales process. It's so easy for us to find talent, track our reps' time and progress, and pay them all from one platform."

VitaliPrincipal, East Coast Medical Supplies

"I see Overpass being a long-term part of my business structure. Not just for this business, but also our future endeavors. The affordability, the flexibility, and ease of use can't be beat."

Nick CraigCEO of Advisor Fuel

Frequently Asked Questions

The Overpass marketplace is our hiring hub. Come to the marketplace to review agent listings and schedule interviews. At the press of a button, you can focus marketplace listings on agents with experience in your industry. Our filter options include digital marketing, finance, insurance, real estate, and technology. This convenient filtering system makes it possible to focus on ideal agents for your industry. You can also select "all" and review every agent listing. Reviewing all listings can be a great option if you're looking for someone to work in more than one industry sector or if you're willing to train a candidate in a niche field.

Although GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, this time zone became Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) in 1972. We list agent time zones measured against GMT because UTC has been the universal standard for measuring time for 50 years.

The agent's time zone is referenced by the number of hours separating their time zone from GMT. Suppose an agent's time zone says GMT+7. This means if it's 1 p.m. in London, it's 8 p.m. in the agent's time zone. If the agent's time zone says GMT-7, they are seven hours behind London time in the Pacific Time Zone (PST).

Each agent listing includes their hourly rate. The agent sets their pay rate when they create their Overpass account. Businesses may consider the agent's pay rate when selecting contractors for openings and use cost to narrow their list of candidates.

Overpass offers two convenient options businesses can consider. Perhaps you have a work platform used by employees and want your agents to work off that existing system. You can choose our Talent Only plan, which gives you full access to the marketplace and the contractor payment system on our site. This is our most affordable plan. There's no sign-up fee, and you can conduct as many interviews as needed.

It's also free to sign up for our Talent and Tech plan. Talent and Tech is more expensive than Talent Only, but in addition to unlimited interviews and access to our payroll system, you'll also have access to our CRM dialer. Your agents can make an unlimited number of calls, and you'll retain recordings of all calls made. One of the advantages of using our software platform is that you can keep all contractor activities in one convenient location, and we look after system maintenance for you.

Our experts review all contractor applications. We conduct a phone interview with each agent before adding them to our marketplace. Since agents can only apply for your listings after approval, you can be confident our team has verified their skills and experience. Our in-house vetting system saves you time because you don't have to put contractors through your screening process.

Every company has its own work culture and tone. Some may emphasize personal connections and client relationships, while others may focus on formal communications and expediency. Even the most experienced agents may not be a perfect fit for every business in their field.

Follow your contract guidelines for terminating an agent contract and returning to the marketplace. You won't have to worry about additional listing costs because both of our plans include unlimited interviews.

Remote workers are typically more productive than on-site workers. On-site workers may spend time interacting with colleagues, which can hamper their productivity. While our system allows for off-site work, it also has a fail-safe. When an agent's status says Ready, In Review, or Wrap-Up, the system will log them out automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity, preventing overbilling.

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