All the Features You Need to Engage Your Customers

Build your sales and customer outreach teams with skilled remote workers and comprehensive call center capabilities.


No more browsing through thousands of applications. Each week, we’ll send you a fresh batch of hand-picked, personally-vetted candidates.

Tell Us Your Needs

One of our dedicated Talent Advocates will help you identify the best candidate, based on six criteria.

Receive Hand-picked Candidates

Your Talent Advocate will send you a list of the strongest candidates, based on your needs.

View Profiles

Review detailed profiles for each rep to see their availability, skills, industry experience and listen to voice samples.


Once you have identified the perfect candidate, we simplify the hiring process by acting as the liaison between you and your rep.

Request an Interview

And we’ll take care of the scheduling for you. No more coordination headaches or back-and-forth emails–leave that to us!

Hire Directly

Each rep works for you, not for us—giving you complete control over your workers.

Get Pre-Trained Reps

You don’t have to waste any time or energy with training agents. We provide system training so they are ready to go on Day One.


Our Customer Engagement Software is a fully integrated, browser-based platform. Your reps will need nothing more than a headset and an Internet connection!

Preview Dialer

Prepare for calls by reviewing contact information, call history and the campaign script, all in one place.

Call Queues

Eliminate duplicate calling efforts and coordination inefficiencies with automatically assigned calls.

Custom Scripts

Ensure brand consistency and professionalism by specifying exactly what reps should say on the phone.

Schedule Calls

Call your contacts back at any time with scheduled call backs, follow up calls and more.

Call Notes

Never miss details by taking notes while on a call. Notes save automatically within the system.

Call Outcomes

Get a summary of the call and monitor your campaign success.

Interaction History

Every call, edit and note is automatically saved to your contacts, providing complete transparency.

Contact Lists

Easily manage your contacts with import lists, custom lists and more. You can even assign contacts to reps.

Custom Fields

Keep track of the information that’s important to you with easy-to-update custom contact fields.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Callers can interact with a company directory and can reach reps directly through extensions.

Personalized Greetings

Maintain company standards with customizable IVR and voicemail greetings.

Custom Outbound Caller ID

Customize the phone number your contacts see for each campaign.

Custom Inbound Number

Use your own phone number to receive calls on the system, or customize a new number.

Integrated Caller ID

Know who’s calling before you answer: callers are identified from your contacts automatically.


Each rep has access to their own voicemail and can view all calls they have made and received.


Gain real time insights into the performance of your campaigns and get total visibility into each interaction between your reps and your customers.

Call Recordings

Calls are automatically recorded and saved, and can be listened to at any time.

Campaign Analytics

Gain insights into the performance and success of calls and campaigns.


Review up-to-the-minute reports on rep performance and see how reps are spending their time.

Rep Live View

Monitor rep activity in real time and use data to assess performance.

Call Logs

Get at-a-glance reports to see which contacts have been called in each campaign.

Supervisor Controls

Supervisors can view and manage contacts in campaigns as well as schedule calls for reps.


We facilitate payments on your behalf and provide you with comprehensive invoices. Our Status-Based Billing system eliminates miscommunications or inaccurate time sheets.

Pay Only For Work Completed

With Status-Based Billing, you pay only for the time the rep was active and working on the system–nothing more.

Pay Internationally

With reps hailing from all over the globe, payments can get tricky. We handle international payments so you don’t have to.

Simplified Pricing

No matter the size of your team or the number of features you use, we make it easy to control your budget with clear, easy to understand billing.

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