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Find Online Job Opportunities with Overpass

Unlike the traditional call center model, you do not become an employee of Overpass. Instead, you have the benefit of working directly with the company you’re representing as a part of their virtual call center team!

Overpass helps individuals like you find online work with the right company that matches your skills:

We assess you based on six criteria to help match you with the best possible company.

We provide systems training so you're familiar with the software prior to your first day of work.

Our software platform is browser-based, so all you need is an Internet connection and a headset. There is no software to download or hardware to purchase!

Three reasons why you should work from home

Commute Less

Save time and money by working from home or a nearby workspace.

Work/Life Balance

Spend more time doing the things you love.

Flexible Schedule

Create your own hours to best manage your day.

How the hiring process works

Create a profile

You can upload a photo, provide an audio sample, display your work history, upload your resume, and specify your preferred rate.

Submit your profile to a Talent Advocate

We want to represent you in the best light possible! You are assigned to a Talent Advocate (TA) who will mediate between you and prospective companies. The TA will give you feedback for improvements on your profile and promote you to different companies.

Let our TAs do the work!

TAs will get to work submitting your profile to companies who are looking for people like you. The TA will also schedule video interviews for you and be there along the way to answer any questions.

Wait for the job offers to come in

You will start to receive offers from interested companies. You have the opportunity to accept, decline, or negotiate the terms. A TA is always available to keep the process moving and running smoothly.

Receive systems training

You will be given training on our Customer Engagement Software. We ensure that you are familiar with the platform prior to starting with your new employer!

Get answers to your burning questions about becoming a rep!

What are the criteria I am assessed by?

Our Talent Advocates will match you with companies based on your customer engagement skills, speaking skills (including language fluency and degree of accent), reading and writing comprehension, the quality of your Internet connection, overall computer literacy, and availability and flexibility.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

Our TAs review your profile and approved them within 3-4 business days.

Do I need to buy a phone?

No, everything can be done on the computer! You only need a headset and a good Internet connection.

Do I have to pay to work with a Talent Advocate?

Nope! Our TAs are here to make sure you are matched with the best company possible and so everyone is happy. It’s FREE to create a profile, get expert guidance for perfecting your profile and be matched with a company!

How do you make money?

We charge a 20% service fee with a minimum of $2. This is calculated as a percentage of your earnings on Overpass. For example, if you want your take-home pay to be $11/hour, your public profile rate would display as $13.75/hour. And don't worry- we'll help you figure out the math to find the best rate for you.

Who deals with the invoicing and payments?

We handle everything for you. We invoice the companies you work for each week for the hours you worked and automatically send you a payment.

How do I get paid?

We send payments via Paypal. Payments are subject to any Paypal fees that may be charged.

Will I be an Overpass employee?

No, you will work directly for the company that hires you.

I have some friends that would make great reps—is there a referral program?

Yes! You can receive $10 for every rep referred that fully completes a profile and gets approved by a TA.

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