We’re Reinventing the Way You Connect with Customers

If you’ve ever worked with a call center before, you know it can be both a blessing and a curse—they provide a solution for outsourcing certain job functions, but they also come with their own host of problems. Call centers generally:

  • Lack accountability and transparency
  • Can hold you victim to unexpected price hikes, fraud, and compliance infractions
  • Weaken your brand with inconsistency and poor customer service.
We knew there was a better way to work with call centers—so we built it. By taking the entire customer engagement process and moving it into the cloud, we created a virtual call center that’s easy for you to set up and monitor from end-to-end. No more unexpected surprises!

We build something virtual from a physical space in Newark

The Overpass offering is all virtual—but it’s built by real people! Our core team of developers, designers, thinkers, and dreamers are based in the heart of Newark, NJ.

We also have locations across the North East U.S. including Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Get in touch with us

You can give us a call at 201-898-2312, or email us at info overpass com.

Meet the minds that make Overpass work

Lavie Popack

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder
Lavie is responsible for the overall strategy and performance of Overpass. He is also the founder of Mpower Energy—one of the most successful electric and gas service providers in the country—and boasts a business footprint across 10 states. In fact, Overpass was born out of the pain points he experienced while operating Mpower Energy’s sales, retention, and customer service departments. After a year of beta testing, he is proud to launch Overpass’ first product solution in Fall 2017. Lavie is passionate about remodeling schools within his community and mentoring at-risk teenagers. He has a Masters from NYU and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and four young children.

Yamen Bendit

Chief Product Officer/Co-Founder
Yamen fuels the Overpass machine with his many roles—leading product development and management; directing the product vision and strategy for Overpass; and running the day-to-day operations of the company. In addition to founding Overpass with Lavie, they partner together to create marketing and sales strategies. His dream for Overpass is to be an influential and positive force that will revolutionize the way businesses, workers, and customers interact. Prior to Overpass, Yamen founded a marketing and product development consultancy; co-founded AmbushCall in the UK, and served as the Vice President of Business Development at Teltech Systems, Inc. He has a B.S. in Marketing & Management from Touro College and lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and children.

Rafael Huisman

Chief Technology Officer
Rafael drives the technical direction and architecture of the Overpass platform in both the web based and telephony systems. He also contributes to the overall strategy and vision for the company. His passions include being at the forefront of technology and helping empower businesses for success. This ideology is put into practice at Overpass by building software that allows people to focus on their business versus learning a traditionally complex industry. He is also responsible for building up a skilled team that works with a solid, modern tech stack. Rafael grew up in Amsterdam, studied abroad in England and Belgium, and was ordained as a Rabbi in 2006. He lives in Airmont, NY with his family.

Kyra Assaad

Senior UX Designer

Julian Kohann

Product Designer

Ionutz Oroian

Product Designer

Jeremy Carey

Software Engineer

Constantin Crismaru

Software Engineer

Sorin Iaru

Software Engineer

Norbert Mate

Software Engineer

Naftali Michalowsky

Software Engineer

Deep Narsay

Telephony Engineer

Sergiu Neamt

DevOps Engineer

Bogdan Rogin

Software Engineer

Brewster Scott

Software Engineer

Florin Spataru

Software Engineer

Dan Stelian

Front End Developer

Avi Tannenbaum

Software Engineer

Mihai Visan

Software Engineer

Shmuel Zalmanov

Software Engineer

Maria Aflat

QA Automation Engineer

Olga Bugrina

QA Tester

Paul Crisan

QA Tester

Bogdan Dobrila

QA Tester

Alexandra Pop

QA Tester

Lauryn Lee

Project Manager

James Delaney

Account Executive

Anam Dil

Talent Advocate

Armando Fernandez

Sales Operations Manager

Amaru Lewis

Customer Success Manager

Ephraim Nassy

Account Executive

Jada Yassen

Content Creator

Michelle Shin Hoffmann

Recruiter and Talent Advocate

Are you looking for your next career opportunity?

Overpass is always looking for talented people who love to build something meaningful and improve daily life. Take a look at our job board for opportunities!